Between Heaven & Earth (Okeanós)

  • Ano: 2015
  • Técnica: video / installation


 Full HD video (stills), PAL, 16:9, color, stereo, 8' 11'' loop


(...) Henrique, directing his gaze (his and ours) down, makes the celestial sky reflect in the earth and in the water.
This sky, in turn, attracts the water to itself, leaving behind its equivalent terrain - the salt. A tempering salt.
This is one of the ways that the author uses to submerse the dichotomy between heaven and earth, or even between the divine and the profane.
The transformation of water into salt, salt into earth, the earth into sky, the heaven into earth, are all forms of a creative formula that makes us intuit that the multifarious coloring refers to the variety of relationships between each one and the value he gives (or salt) to what is external to him - to the immensity of relationships that as earthly beings we maintain with God

 Ana Vieira Ribeiro, 2014
(Excerpt from the text "Between Heaven and Earth")