Mountain Annotation

 I have good reason to think that the planet from which the little prince came was the asteroid B 612.
Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Henrique Vieira Ribeiro immerses in this porous perforation, and on the other side, distances are felt. Time shrinks, folds, replicates, stretches. Noted, the punctured dots exist, but disappear as scars, symptoms of their happening. Only what is presented in the distance exists, what is lived in a mediated way. Communication sometimes needs noises to know who it is. The apparatus, the electricity, the code. In the distance, I exist. I need a mountain to hear my echo. From a planet, to know who I am.

The planet of Paul V. is a planet of improbability, as Niklas Luhmann states: it is so difficult to communicate. Saint Exupery needed a plane that would crash to explain the world to us. Paulo V. hides himself in the back of a room and puts out an antenna. It is only possible to communicate within this room, make friends, establish a network of distant points, exchange memories on the other side of the world. Note the mountains. Some antipodes know who I am: I do not.

João Paulo Queiroz



But let's not speak about facts. The facts no longer matter to anyone,
they are only starting points for the invention and thinking.
 Jorge Luís Borges, "Utopia of a tired man" in The book of Sand

Paulo V. was an amateur radio operator for four decades in the XXth century; The first contact with his archive during that period raised questions and an unrestlessness trigged by this activity - amateur radio. Each dive in his books, objects, or testimonies, reinforced the awareness of the relationship between this practice and the need/motivation for the human being to transcend the self and overtake its own limitations - this subject matter has been constantly revisited in the projects I have developed as an author.

This project, which began in 2014, highlights the first set of works, focusing on the initiatory gesture, symbolism and the consequent virtual journey´s that the amateur radio practice allows, under the designation CT1LN: Part I - Paulo V's Travels.